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                        * * * * 34 Years!!!! * * * *
The Massachusetts Butterfly Club is celebrating our 34th year! To see a brief history of the club and how it began, click here.

                       * * * Field Trip CANCELED * * *
The Great River Preserve, Bridgewater Beginner Butterfly Walk scheduled for Saturday, July 13 has been CANCELED due to the weather forecast.
                       * * * July Count CHANGE * * *
The CONCORD July Count originally scheduled for July 6th has been rescheduled due to weather. The new date for the count is Sunday, July 14th. Meet at Simon Perkins' house, 61 Elm Brook Lane, Concord at 8:30 am. The new leader contact is Simon Perkins at

Also, due to an oversight, the July Count list did not include the counts for Truro and Brewster.
The Truro count will be on Sunday, July 14th, at 9am.
The Brewster count will be on Sunday, July 21st, at 9am.
** See the updated 2024 Schedule for more information.
                    * * * Help with butterfly sightings * * *
The following towns have no reported sightings from 1990 to 2023: Avon, Hanover, Holbrook, Lawrence, Middlefield, Millville, Plympton, Rockland, Scituate, Tewksbury, West Stockbridge, Whitman.
    To see information on how to report your sightings

It should be noted that our Records Compiler, Mark Fairbrother, has reported that he has entered over 200,000 sighting records. We thank Mark for his work in entering all the data from several sources and ensuring the accuracy of that data. Great job Mark!!
                * * * NABA Butterfly Garden Contest * * *
NABA is pleased to introduce the inaugural Lana Edwards Garden of the Year Contest, named in honor of a long-time NABA member and supporter who passed away on November 2, 2023. Lana was one of the founders of the NABA-Atala chapter in Palm Beach County, FL, and a passionate butterfly gardener. The contest will highlight spectacular butterfly gardens from throughout North America.
    Click here for more information.
                 * * * 2024 Field Trips and July 4th Counts * * *
The lists for the 2024 Field Trips and July 4th Counts are now available. Click on 2024 Schedule here or on the left menu.
                       * * * Hessel's Hairstreak Project * * *
The statewide Hessel's Hairstreak search is gearing up! Do you want to hike through cool swamps, shake trees and get outside? Are you willing to submit hike logs to help Natural Heritage with their database? Email Danielle Desmarais to get on the master email list! Flight season is April-May.

                       * * * 2024 Spring Meeting * * *
The 2024 Spring meeting of the Massachusetts Butterfly Club was held at Mass Audubon's Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester on Saturday, April 13th.
Here is a link to a brief description of the meeting with some pictures. 2024 Spring Meeting
See watch a Youtube video of the feature presentation, click on

                       * * * SAVE THE DATE! * * *
The 2024 Fall meeting of the Massachusetts Butterfly Club will be held October 12th. We will have MBC Officer elections prior to the meeting. We need people to serve on the nominating committee. If you would like to help out, please contact Tom Tyning.

                       * * * Hats and T-shirts * * *
We have new official Massachusetts Butterfly Club T-shirts and Hats available for purchase.
Please click on the Club Merchandise link on the left menu.

              * * * Rare butterfly seen after restoration * * *
MassWildlife staff recently discovered a frosted elfin caterpillar at Montague Plains Wildlife Management Area after 2 decades of habitat restoration at the site. This exciting find is evidence that these efforts are paying off. See this link for more information.

On December 3 we hosted Robert Gallardo speaking on Butterflies of Honduras. Robert is building a nature reserve and working on a complete guide to Honduran butterflies, and has made several discoveries of new species in the process. A link to the recording of this talk is here:

If you wish to receive news about the soon to be published Guide to the Butterflies of Honduras, sign up at this link:

                        **** Please Donate ****

The Massachusetts Butterfly Club sponsors state-wide butterfly activities to promote education, conservation, interpretation, and fun! We invite people of all ages and levels of expertise to attend our meetings, programs, field trips, and butterfly counts and to become members of our club.

If you care about our butterflies and the club's efforts to support them, please consider making a donation to our club.
Click on this link to see how you can donate.

                  *****  Butterflying Code of Ethics  *****
The Massachusetts Butterfly Club has adopted a Butterflying Code of Ethics. You can find the document under Club Information on the left menu.

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If you wish to receive periodic e-mail messages about butterflies in Massachusetts and to report your own butterfly sightings, consider joining the MassLep list server. Butterfly watchers from around the state send messages listing the butterflies they see, describing butterfly behavior, posing questions, and answering them. Joining the list server is a great way to find out what's flying and to get to know others who share your interests!

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If you have questions about MassLep or its operations, send an email to moderator Mark Faherty, MassLep is independently operated in coordination with the Massachusetts Butterfly Club.

    *****  Report your sightings to our Records Compiler   *****

If you do not report your sightings on MassLep or Facebook and would like to report your sightings to our records compiler directly, you can download the spreadsheet below and email to Mark Fairbrother at

            Sightings Report spreadsheet

Note: Please DO NOT use this form if you report your sightings on MassLep or Facebook.

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