Massachusetts Butterfly Club

2012 Spring Meeting

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    Potluck Dinner, Auction, Slide Presentation & Speaker

The 2012 Spring meeting of the MBC was held Saturday, April 28, 2012 at the Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester.

We began with a pot luck dinner with food and sweets for everybody.

Following the dinner, a successful auction was held of eight chromolithograph plates from Samuel Scudder's 1889 book on Butterflies of Eastern United States and Canada. These plates were donated by Richard K. Walton. The money raised will go to the Club to help finance its continuing activities.

There was a discussion about how to improve participation on July 4th butterfly counts. This resulted in the formation of a committee to look into the matter. Anyone that would like to be in the committee should contact the MBC President.

Sarah Haggerty from the MassWildlife Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program spoke about their efforts to convert the Rare Species Observation process to an on-line system. Currently, forms must be printed and submitted for review. With the new system the public will be able to report observations on-line. This will result in a much quicker review process. The new system should be available soon. When it is, we will announce it on MassLep and our website. Here is a link to their website

Dave Small presented an excellent slide show on Moths. Most, if not all, of the pictures were taken at his home.

This was followed by photo presentations by five of our members (Larry Barry, Bill Benner, Sue Cloutier, Greg Dysart, Howard Hoople).

Many thanks to all who volunteered and attended.