Massachusetts Butterfly Club

2019 Fall Meeting

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The 2019 Fall meeting of the MBC was held Saturday, October 12th at the Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary in Worcester.

Many of the usual suspects were present along with several new butterfly fans. It's hard to think of new words to describe the pot luck food but delicious is a good old word to use. The salads, appetizers, entrees and desserts were out of this world. There were options for everyone except the people at the end of the line.
Thanks to everyone who helped set up and to Wendy Howes for her recycling and clean-up efforts.

Our first speaker was Freddie Gillespie (standing in for Robert Gegear) who gave us an overview of research entitled "The Beecology Project" which involves citizen scientists reporting to Robert Gegear's site on the interactions of insects (primarily bees but soon butterflies) and the flora that they use. The purpose of his research is to determine the best flora for insects so that pollinator gardens/efforts will be as productive as possible.

Our featured speaker was John Himmelman from Connecticut who presented a talk entitled "Discover Moths: Nightime Jewels in Your Own Backyard". John is an author of nature related books, including books for children. John was a co-founder of The Connecticut Butterfly Association in 1994 and a former President of the New Haven Bird Club.

Many thanks to all who volunteered and attended.

Below are some photographs taken at the meeting by a moocher that showed up for the food.

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