Massachusetts Butterfly Club

Massachusetts Butterfly Club

6th Annual Barbara J. Walker Festival 2013

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Barbara Walker would certainly have been proud to see over 400 people celebrating butterflies Saturday, August 10th, at Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary! A wonderful sunny day brought families to the festival to learn about life cycles, experience caterpillars engulfing leaves, learn about swallowtails and hairstreaks through butterfly theater written and directed by the inimitable Gail Howe, (how many noticed the comma floating over the spicebush swallowtail?). Rosemary Mosco held scores of children enthralled as she taught the art of cartooning butterflies, while Alyce Mayo enchanted them with butterfly stories. Sam Jaffe brought his caterpillar lab and showed people the wonderful world of caterpillars and macrophotography at the same time.

Howard Hoople and Barbara Volkle held forth at the butterfly garden, sharing observations of Zabulon skippers. Thanks to Carl Kamp and Elise Barry who led butterfly walks along the sunny Troiano trail. Many thanks to Karen Daniels who brought her father's butterfly collection, augmented by the signage and Howard's club photographs, and interpreted it to passers-by. She was assisted at her table by Annie Reid. The MBC table was expertly staffed by Karl & Elise Barry, Barbara Volkle & Steve Moore.

We are grateful to all who volunteered and attended.

Below are a few photographs taken at the Festival.
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